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If any person is interested in doing business, first of all start searching for a profitable business. Now in such a situation, he also wants that he will soon get benefit from a good business in less capital. We have brought such a business for you, which can provide you good profit in less capital, the name of that business is both flat businesses. Today we will know how much capital and at what time you should start the business of plates and you can earn money soon by earning a percentage profit in this business. So let us know in detail about the plates.

dona pattal business
What is Dona Pattal?
You have often eaten food at both the wedding party or at a function, never tried to know what they are and how they are made. Actually there are many types of plates, some of which are of plastic, which are also called disposals. Some of the plates are such, which are also made of thermocol and some are also made from plastic. In today’s times, the plates made of plastic and thermocol are used, but in the old days, both the plates were mainly made from leaves. Yes, in the past, both the plates made of tree leaves were used in very high quantity, but in the present time, both the plates made of plastic and thermocol have been replaced.
In earlier times, or even today, some places are made by cutting and chopping the leaves of sargi shrubs and banana trees, and using bamboo sticks to sort, cut and add them to bowl and plate. Which are very easy to use and also very easy to dispose; but it is very difficult to destroy and destroy both the plates made of plastic and thermocol. So let’s know how you can do such a business, which will be beneficial for both you and the environment.

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Business Registration
Regardless of the business, if it is legally registered, then a business owner does not have to face any kind of problem or any problem related to it in future. However the registration process associated with this business is not very long. It is very important to register both the flat business, even if it is a small business but without registration you cannot do this business. So let us know the legal registration process for both the plate business.

  • When starting your business you need to find a name, the name on which you want to give an identity to your business; a name that is most different and does not resemble any business.
  • In the area and state in which you want to start your business, going to the municipality of that area, it is very important to apply for a license.
  • If there is no error in your business or everything related to the business you have collected, then the municipality will grant you a legal license for your business.
  • Even though it is not illegal to make plates, it is compulsory for you to obtain a license and take NOC from Pollution Control Board.
  • You must make your business registered as an MSME under an industry base, for which you will need to go to the District Industries Centre near you.
  • Perhaps you have either rented a shop or you will have a shop of your own, for which you will also need electricity. To meet the requirement of electricity, you can get electricity approval from the State Electric Board and get a professional meter installed there, so that you do not have to deal with the electricity supply.
  • If you want to keep some people in your business as labourers, then keep in mind that you may not be violated by any kind of labour law, for which you can be punished legally.

Dona Pattal Business Plan

To start the business of two types of plates made of leaves, you must have complete knowledge about them. If you do not know, then you must find a person who has complete knowledge in the business of both plates. For this business you will also need experienced artisans who know how to make both plates in advance or you can start your business by teaching them and putting them with you in your work.

Dona Pattal is the right place for business

Any business can be successful only when it is run in a proper place. In such a situation, if you want to start the business of both plates or want to start, then you have to find a place that is suitable for your business. While setting up the factory of both the plates, you should see a place where your work does not spread any kind of dirt. Any business should be away from the crowded place, so that people living in the vicinity do not face any kind of trouble. The place of business should be open, so that the means for transporting and transporting goods there can be easily transported. Now in such a situation, if you will be present in some place where any supplier can reach easily, then you can earn more profits by running this business in less time.

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Market Potential of Dona Pattal Business

In today’s time, the most commonly used plates made of thermocol and plastic have increased, but that is not true at all, because both plastic and thermocol is harmful to our nature. Both the ports are used everywhere, be it railways, hotels, restaurants, dhabas or any public place. In such a situation, the use of plates made of leaves and paper can be encouraged. For which if both the leaves made of tree leaves are produced in more quantity, then they will also be used in greater quantity, which is not a harmful environment at all. Because after using them, they can also be eliminated easily. Therefore, according to the situation of the market, the business of great need and simplicity in today’s time is a organic plate’s business made from leaves.

Raw Material required for plate production

There is not much raw material required to make two plates from the leaves. As this business can be started by installing a machine even in a small place, similarly with the help of a little raw material, more profit can be made in this business.The first thing required for a plate made of leaves is the tree and its leaves. Banana tree leaves are mainly used in these. Therefore, you will need a banana tree leaf or a tree that is slightly larger in size.

Machinery and Tools needed to start Dona Pattal business

This business can be done without machines, but it is very easy to do this business through machine, for this you will first need a single die machine, which will be a hand press.Then a small machine comes from it, which is called hand press double die machine, in which two types of dye are used which gives the right shape to both the plates. An automatic cup machine is also installed with all the equipment, which is required to make both the plates. Many types of dyes and modes are applied in machines, using them the leaves are shaped into different shapes.While setting up the factory of Dona Pattal, there will also be a need for office furniture and other materials, so that the colleagues working with you do not have any inconvenience.

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Dona Pattal Manufacturing Process

• It seems easy to see that making plates is a very easy task, but when this complicated work is carried out, then one gets to know how difficult it is. But before doing any work, it is necessary to take complete training related to it.

• To make both the plates, first you have to collect the leaves of the tree whose leaves are big and durable in size.

• After that it is necessary to clean those leaves by cutting them well and sorting them; so, that when inserted in the machine, they do not get any kind of dirt or speculation.

• Those leaves are properly sorted and applied in the machine, after which they are moulded into the shape of plate and bowl.

• Making plates with the help of leaves is a very easy process, for this you just need a little training, so that you don’t do any harm by doing anything wrong.

• When both the plates are completely formed, it is very important to check their quality, so that the consumer is not able to find any deficiency while using it.

• After checking the quality, it is also necessary to make an attractive packing, so that consumers get attracted by its packing and buy them and use them.

Dona Pattal Business Cost

Talking about the cost involved in the business of both the ports, they are going to be very low because you will not need any kind of plastic or thermocol in it. For this you will need leaves, for which you can also plant trees around you and you can use their leaves to make the plates. To estimate the cost of the machine for making both the plates, you can easily set up the factory of the plates by spending a maximum of 10,000 to 20000. By starting your business on a small scale, you can give a big size to your business, in which your money will also be less and time will not be too much.

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Where to Sell Dona Pattal?

If you have successfully set up a factory of plates and want to take your goods to the market now, then for that you will need some suppliers who can take your finished goods to the main market. If you do not want to keep suppliers for yourself, then you can go and get in touch with the shopkeepers who do the business of both the platters in the markets around you and sell them at retail price. By asking them their requirement, you can sell them the goods made in your own factory at their produced price as per their requirement. If the consumers from those shoppers like the products you have made by purchasing the goods, then they will become regular consumers near that shop. In such a situation, you will be able to earn more profit in the organic plates’ business, because the shopkeeper will demand more from you.

Dona Pattal business profit

Trees can be easily planted and taken care of, they can be grown easily. In such a situation, making plates from the leaves made of trees and selling them in the market is a task to make more profit at a lower price. Even though it is a very small industry, it takes neither much time nor much cost to get started, but in this short time, reasonable profit can be made through this business.

In conclusion, we would like to say that if you have become more successful and tired after doing any kind of job or doing any business, then you can start a business of two leaves of leaves made of trees. , For which you do not need much capital at all.

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