Subsidy Scheme for Starting Poultry Business in Haryana

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In our country, raising livestock is the most important means of income for the agricultural sector, which can also be called the backbone of the Indian economy. In order to increase poultry farming and make its farming more profitable, the Haryana government has proposed to establish poultry units in all the districts of the state. This is a subsidy scheme the establishment of such units will increase employment opportunities for the people in the state, which will also help the unemployed to find employment. If you are looking for some employment, then you can do this kind of business. In this article, we are explaining the complete information of how you can work by joining these units.

Poultry farming unit subsidy scheme

Objective of Subsidy Scheme for Starting Poultry Business

  • Generating self-employment opportunities – This area is most likely to create self-employment opportunities through poultry farming Business activities. Therefore, the state government has set the objective of giving people employment in this field.
  • Improve social status of weaker sections: – In this scheme, the state government, which are low-income farmers and do not own their own land, but they are agricultural labourers, improve the condition of the low-income weaker people of such society the purpose of bringing
  • Improvement and development of poultry breeds – The state government wants to improve and develop poultry breeds through this scheme.
  • Improvement in nutritional status: – Improving the nutritional status of such individuals who consume such organism is also one of the main objectives of this subsidy scheme of the state government.

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Key Features of the Scheme        

  • Credit Based Scheme- This scheme to set up a poultry unit in Haryana is a credit based scheme, where commercial banks will finance the poultry unit under agriculture finance.
  • Number of Poultry Unit: – Haryana Government has set a target of setting up at least 1000 poultry units across the state.
  • Work as an ATM – The poultry unit to be set up by the state government will function like an ATM. That is, in these units, poultry and eggs can be sold anytime and anywhere with cash payment.
  • Marketing facility: – The facility of marketing of poultry and its products will also be provided to the beneficiaries by the Animal Husbandry Department of Haryana State Government.

Strategy of the Scheme

  • To get the maximum benefit from poultry farming, there is a need to strengthen and improve the poultry unit so that chickens can survive when raised with less input. Therefore, 8 to 10 days old chicken will be made available free of cost to every beneficiary family from its hatchery (place of poultry farming) by the department.
  • Apart from this, a provision has been made to supply 2 water drinkers and 2 feeders to the beneficiary family for free.
  • Also, the government will help the beneficiaries to take the chickens from one place to another. And apart from this, 2 feeders and 2 water drinkers will be purchased by the Deputy Director of the concerned district, and the same will be distributed to the beneficiaries.

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Poultry Unit Establishment Scheme Subsidy Details

The information about the subsidy or financial assistance provided under this poultry scheme is given in the table below: –

  • To strengthen the infrastructure of government poultry hatchery located in Hisar, for purchase of hatchery, setter and other related items, for purchase of 500 poultry for basic stock and for feeding cast etc. To do this you will get 3 lakhs rupees.
  • To raise 50,000 hens for 10 days at the rate of Rs 30 per hen you will get 15 lakh rupees.
  • 5 lakh rupees fees to be paid to the beneficiary family, which will be given to them for supply of 2 water drinker, 2 feeders and transport of chicken. So the total is 50 lakh rupees.

How was the scheme implemented?

  • The Department will first assist the beneficiaries in establishing poultry units belonging to a group of landless agricultural labourers, small farmers and other economically weaker sections of the society.
  • After talking to the government hatchery of Hisar, the list of beneficiaries will be provided by the Deputy Director to the Assistant Director concerned. In addition, the hatchery of Hisar will also arrange for the supply of chicken.
  • Applicants can apply in the prescribed format in the veterinary surgeon who is in the I / C Government Veterinary Hospital.
  • Accordingly, a fund of up to Rs 30 lakh will be allocated under this scheme for strengthening Hisar government hen hatchery and purchase of setter and other related items etc.
  • And then after that, the hen will be supplied to the beneficiaries from the government hen hatchery of Hisar.

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Eligibility Criteria for the Scheme

  • Residents of rural areas of Haryana- This scheme has been started by the Haryana State Government for unemployed people belonging to the rural area falling within the Haryana border.
  • People below poverty line category- The state government has brought this subsidy scheme for farmers and laborers who belong to below poverty line category.
  • Government contracts- Only those people who are not part of any government or semi-government contracts can be eligible to apply in this scheme.
  • Land Eligibility- Applicants who do not own more than 2.5 acres of land are allowed to join it.
  • People with animal husbandry- Such persons and families who have housing facilities, and they also do animal husbandry, but they do not have livestock, then such people are considered eligible in this scheme.
  • Widow women- Women of Haryana who are widows have also been given the right to get hits of this scheme, so that they can also help in getting self-employment.

Documents Required for Application

  • Aadhaar Card- To apply in this subsidy scheme of Haryana State Government, beneficiaries have been asked to bring their Aadhar card.
  • Local proof- Residents of rural areas of Haryana who are going to apply in this scheme, will have to submit their original place certificate.
  • Ration card- The people who want to start the work of poultry unit, they should photocopy their ration card and apply in their form to apply in this subsidy scheme.
  • Land papers- Beneficiary people will also have to keep a photocopy of their land papers with them while applying for the work of poultry unit in this scheme.
  • Passport size photo- To start this poultry unit, all the applicants will have to attach a passport size photograph of their own along with the form in the subsidy scheme.
  • Affidavit to be unemployed- In this scheme, farmers or laborers who are unemployed have been allowed to apply, so they have to submit an affidavit, to prove that they are unemployed.

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How to Apply for Poultry Unit?

  • Applicants will have to start by visiting the home page of this official website of Haryana state
  • While registering in this portal, the applying person will have to provide all their details.
  • After providing the details, you click on the Validate button to receive SMS and email about the login credentials. Through this you can log in to the portal.
  • After logging in on this portal, the person applying has to choose the scheme related to the list. Then on your next screen, the application form for the establishment of poultry units will be displayed.
  • You fill the application form with all your details, and attach documents to it as well. And submit the form.
  • When your application is successful, the ID of your application will be generated on your screen. Which you can note and check to check the status of your application.

How to Check Status of Poultry Unit Establishment Subsidy Scheme?

  • Applicants will have to go through the official portal that is Saral portal and select the track option.
  • Then in the page displayed on your screen, you have to select the department and service from the drop-down menu.
  • After you provide your application reference number there, click on the check status button to see the status of your application.
  • For more information, applicants can dial Antyodaya Saral Helpline Number – 1800 2000 023.

It is a commendable step that was taken by the Haryana government. Arranging a loan for the people of state will encourage them to proceed with business ideas. There are people who are passionate to start a business but cannot proceed due to shortage of money. In that case if government stretches a hand to help then it will become easier. Getting subsidy is easier and if you read the article you will know process and in case of further enquiry you can go to the official portal.

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