2019 Top Christmas and Best New Year Business Ideas

2019 Top 20 Christmas and Best New Year Business Ideas for earn some extra Money

Christmas is a holiday time. In which all schools, colleges and offices are mostly closed. And at that time there is also mild cold. In such a situation, people go for a walk or relax at home to enjoy this holiday and to keep away the stress of work. But some people think of earning money by starting some small businesses during this period. If you want to start a business and earn money during the holidays during the Christmas festival, then we are bringing the top Christmas business ideas for you. During this time people buy many things. So you can start any type of business.

Christmas Business Ideas

Top Christmas Business Ideas

Here are some business ideas that you can start during the Christmas holidays. They are as follows

Santa Claus making – It is very common in the Christmas parties that people want Santa to be there to cheer up the children by distributing gifts and giving good wishes. Some people make only one of their identities in the party a Santa, but nowadays, the event company is called to contact Santa. If you also want to do some different business on Christmas days, then you can make children happy by becoming Santa. All you need is Santa’s full dress. For this work you can have 2 categories.

People can call you to become Santa in your party. You can give gifts, cards to children in Santa’s full dress there. Some people call personal Santa in their house to make children happy. It is often shown in children’s cartoons that if you keep a drink and pastry for Santa near the Christmas tree at night, then he will come to your house at night and keep a gift and eat the drink and pastry. It is seen that parents want Santa in the parties to make their kids happy in the Christmas.

You have to tell this work to people, you can promote this work from people around you. You can also connect with an event company, which can contact you if this kind of work is done. Apart from this, by forming a group of 8 -10 people, you can open such an agency, where people from different places contact you and call Santa. With more people, you can work in many places at the same time, which will also earn more.

Artificial flowers and their arrangements – Artificial flowers are the best gift in the Christmas season. You can make it easily by yourself. People also look for good quality flower arrangements for the purpose of decoration. In such a situation, this business will be very beneficial. Because you can make different flowers and sell them as a gift or can also be sold for decoration. You will also earn a lot from this.

Making and selling Santa’s clothes and his hats- They all know that there is a lot of sales of Santa’s clothes and hats in Christmas. Their clothes come with a variety of attractive patterns. However, people buy this from a reliable supplier only. So you have to organise your business in advance. During Christmas there is a demand of Santa costume, and if you have the skill to sew clothes, then it will be your profitable business and not only that but this business also will not require much capital at the initial stage.

Christmas Light Installation- During Christmas it is very common to decorate your house with fairy lights. So if you start a business of installing lights that will help you to make money. Some people decorate their house with their hands, they need small lights. You can start your business by making and selling these small lights.

Roller Skating Business- If you have enough capital and you are looking for a business that you can start in Christmas. So roller skating businesses are one of such businesses. However you will need to be creative for this business, as you do not need to limit this business to the rush of Christmas holidays. You can earn more money by starting this business by targeting different types of customers and making different packages.

Unique gift packaging- In the Christmas festival people give gifts to each other. People also decorate gift baskets differently for gift giving. And what gifts you can put in it is also very creative. You can make and sell different types of gift baskets by decorating them. This is also very good business. If the basket made by you is unique, then your business can prove very successful.

Event management- Many people host a party at their home or outside for the celebration of Christmas and New Year. And usually these parties are for children and youth. These parties often require such a person, who can attract young children with light magic tricks, ball juggling and some similar tricks. If you have these tricks, then this is good business for you. Apart from this, if you can sing or dance it can also be a plus point. If you are good at organising things then arranging parties during Christmas will help you to earn money.

Christmas tree farming – If you are a farmer and you are thinking of making money by nursery business planting Christmas tree, and then it will prove to be a good business for you. In case of Christmas trees, they do not need special attention so this business is much more easier and less time consuming. Before starting this business, you must make sure that the Christmas tree you are going to plant is of the most popular species, which are mostly bought by people. If you employ some workers in this work, then you will also have ease in preparing the crop and you will be able to earn more profit.

Design and sale of Christmas cards– During the time of Christmas festival people exchange greeting cards to each other. Most cards are also given along with gifts and cookies. In such a situation, sales of cards are very high. It used to be very difficult to design a greeting card, but now it has become very easy with the arrival of computers. Through this, you can start a new business by making and selling different types of design cards.

Gourmet bakery– In this festival people like to eat hot – hot cookies directly out of the oven. If you know how to make some such dishes very well, then your skills is a good way to earn money in Christmas; because cookies are liked by most people. You can make and sell cookies of different tastes and designs; which will be quite good as a business. However, you should establish this business before Christmas. So that more and more people can learn about your cookies and help promote your business by purchasing it.

Selling soft toys- Whatever the festival, children get an excuse to get toys. In such a situation, if a very creative or unique kind of toys are made and sold in local shops in the market or sold online, it will prove to be very beneficial. For this, you will have to make more things like toys; teddy bears etc., which attract colourful children; which you can easily sell in the market. You can also make toys in such a way that you can some like bright star etc. or you can stuff it in some other things like chocolate. Children will also be very attracted by this. This business will prove to be more profitable business in this festival.

Gift wrapping service – Christmas is a festival of gift giving. In which people give small, medium and big gifts to their friends, family and relatives. In such a situation, there is even more joy in gifting with the beautiful package style of the gift. This not only brings joy to the gift giver, but the giver of the gift also becomes very happy. If you know how to pack different kinds of gifts, then this business is very good. You pack the gift through different types of design. For this, you make a catalogue design of your packing and show it in front of people, so that they are impressed with your style and order you for packing the gift.

Hand made things- If you have the skill to make something by hand. That is, if you are an artist, then this business is very good for you, you have to sell some things made with your hands and earn money from it. Like you stockings, shawls, sweaters and other things that are found online, you can make and sell them at home with your artistic new idea. This business can prove to be very good in the winter season. Apart from this, you can also make some decorating items, because it can also be used to celebrate the New Year.

Event organiser- Many programs are organised during this period. In which different personalities and celebrities are present. If you have full experience in organising events, you can also earn by organising different programs. But if you do not have this experience, then it can prove to be difficult for you; because in today’s time inflation has increased a lot. In such a situation, many things are required in organising any event. If you start this business by organising a small party such as a party of children and family, then it can prove beneficial.

Mobile Coffee Business– As you all know that Christmas is a winter festival and during that time people drinks a lot of hot beverages like coffee to stay warm. And this makes them feel refreshed. You can take a small coffee truck, which you can take to any place. This is a very good business. Along with this, you can sell pastry by adding it, so that you can earn extra money.

Snow business – People like snow a lot in Christmas. Snow falls abroad, so they enjoy it easily. But no one has seen snow fall in some areas. By making fake snow for them, you can also help them to enjoy it. You can also learn to make this. The need for fake snow is mostly during corporate events, social events or film sets. This business is going to give pleasure to people, which is quite good.

Hot Soup – In the cold people like to consume hot things more. In such a situation, you can also make some salty things like coffee, hot, such as soup. When people return home from work or are senior citizens, they get great relief from the hot soup. Hence there is a great increase in sales of hot liquid things like food or drink during this season. In this case, this business can prove to be beneficial for you.

Christmas Musical Show – It seems incomplete to party at Christmas without music. People usually want to join musical shows. There is a different way to earn money and that is utilising your skill. If you pose a talent to play any musical instrument then you will be able to play music at the parties. Your talent will give you post in some musical band and that will help you to earn some extra penny.

 Special type of drink- In this festival people usually uses special drinks like cider more. This drink is mainly taken during winter. This drink contains different spices or flavors according to the taste of the customer. You can start advertising your special drink online for Christmas. If you have a pub, then the advertisement should be so that more and more people come to your pub and your business will grow.

Jewellery making – If you have the art of making jewellery by yourself, then this is a great time when you can manufacture or sell jewellery by yourself. In this festival also, like other festivals, parents give ornaments as gifts to their children, friends, husbands, wives etc. to similar relatives. The area of jewellery is very vast. This means that it is good to make simple ornaments of large size and sell them in complex and expensive prices. This is your better chance of earning money. You can sell it online or in the local market by advertising it.

Make-up artist – Most of the skin becomes dry during the winter season, for this people need a skin care product. You can set up a business to sell home-made soap, face wash, scrubbers, shampoo etc. For this you have to have enough knowledge and skills about its processing. You can also sell these products by offering different offers or by combo offers. Starting this business during Christmas will be very beneficial.

In this way you can make use of Christmas holidays by earning money. If you take any of those above-mentioned ideas, your time will also be spent and you will also make profit, because you will be able to earn extra money during this time.

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